Lobsterpicker, android developer library for color picking

When i designed the Holo colorpicker i had a drawing app in mind. I was playing around with Adobe Fireworks and i thought android should have a drawing software. The Project never made it but when i met Nick Butcher we used the wheel for a talk / live design session. The recording reached Lars Werkmann and he decided to create a library. Checkout the Holo color picker on Github.

The previos version is the “Holo color picker”


I asked Lars in June 2015 to collaborate on a new color picker. He agreed and we started with a concept. Open source is always a good way to show what you are capable of and a tiny libary such as the Lobsterpicker does show we are capable of working on detail and deliver quality.

Developing the next generation

Our next generation got cleaner and we picked up Googles Material color palette. Of course developer do have the option to change them. For future ideas please write us on Github.

The Lobsterpicker as demo

Our recent version of the lobsterpicker is released on Github and available in the Google Play store as Demo app. Check it out.

The Lobsterpicker project is available on Github. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.