Lifecounter. Researching card gamer habits.

More than 10.000 active users depend on the results I am collecting with a rapid prototype i’ve made with HTML, CSS and JS. Lifecounter is a very tiny app (for free) in the google playstore. Loved for its simplicity we like to learn more about habits of Magic the Gathering players, before we are designing the next edition.

Research with a simple Web Prototype


Our prototype starts off with 20 lifepoints for two players and is able to log changes. I’d like to learn more about customization, personalisation, backgrounds, themes, amount of players.

Everyone is able to participate and share their input through a Google form.

Questions we like to answer

During the game our users go through a set of standardized actions where they can gain or loose life. We’d like to observe which information they keep in mind and when they count. Our future data model needs to be designed for their needs.

Do you play MTG?

Please get in touch and learn more about our prototype and future plans. I’d love to include your feedback into our next edition of Lifecounter. Be assured the app continues being open source. Sourcecode of our prototype is available on Github.