Open source: Lorem Ipsum Illustration, art for everyone

Hackers or Developers do ask me often for a little illustration, just very simple or something I have in my backhand. I thought this could be an opportunity to start a libary in collaboration with devbnz.

48 Illustrations are available

In 3 sizes which can be accessed on Github. In addition i wrote a Json. Developers can use them as libary.

If you are a developer, or owning an open source project. Feel free to make suggestions on Github and I might illustrate them.

Json example

    "title": "Take me out",
    "description": "Having good times together in the restaurant",
    "file": "activity_restaurant",
    "created": "",
    "updated": "",
    "tags": [
	"colors": [ ],
	"color_space_tag": [

Get the full libary on Github


Lorem Ipsum illustration is released unter the The MIT License (MIT)