Prototyping animation, Workshop in Praha, CZ

The UXwell education program is jumping around Praha and delivering “userexperience design” education to their attendees. I was hired to give a lecture on how to prototype animations and discover meaning for a product.

My theory “everyone can animate” is based on the fact, everyone can think in key’s and use stickynotes. There is a myth animation is expensive and hard to do. In my opinion it isn’t hard to do and in addition it is incredibly useful to place a brand, deliver userexperience and simplify your concept or idea.

Part 1: Structure your concept.

Storyboards are incredibly useful and its no surprise they are perfect for what we like to archive. I teached how to structure your thoughts and create a hirachy with storyboards.

Part 2: Everyone can draw, don’t be shy.

Storyboards aren’t just journeys, they can carry literally any information and one of them is movement.

Part 3: From A to B.

So animation goes through all layers of hirachy. It can deliver information from our service design, userexperience design and get a user from A to B in our usecase. To support our users we can make an animation and capture our thoughts with postits. My Workshop is teaching how.

Two day’s in Praha

Prague was loveley that weekend and i kind of start having a relationship with the city and the people. Thank you to all these talented people and the UXwell program.